[metaslider id=461] The kids in the neighborhood and tenants of Lawrcul Apartments Inc. enjoyed some great thrills and a fun time with tasty treats on Halloween night. The staff did a terrific job with the decorations and costumes serving up some extremely heart-stopping scary moments. The event was a great success.


[metaslider id=462] In recognition of Remembrance Day, the superintendent made a wonderful montage of information available to the building community; especially for the younger generation to see the contribution and sacrifice of those brave men and women who served this great country. The display ignited a very positive response; many of the children drew postcards to express what Remembrance Day meant to them.


[metaslider id=463]   The assistant superintendent of Lawrcul Apartments Inc., Mohammed Siddiqui, retired after 20 years of distinguished service with the company. On October 25 2014, there was a retirement party to honor his years of dedicated service. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.